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The Scoot And Your Skills


Take different types of routes in different challenges through fantastic 3D places while you ride your scooter. Use the slide to control and tap to jump. Dodge obstacles and get as many coins as possible to exchange for new Avatars and Scooters.

“Scoot Up” is our first 3D infinite running App, and as soon as you start to play, you’ll realize the difference to any other you tried before. We wish to transport our gamers to magical worlds. Not just the plane world with some curves, we want them to feel they are in a mystic path.

In this beautiful App, we are including different types of scenarios using our favorite style on 3D: Low Poly. Rocks and trees are the obstacles you have to avoid, but things will get more challenging as soon as the curves and up and down routes get in your way.

“Scoot Up” will be released for iOS very soon.


Project 2020:


During the last years, we accumulated knowledge about UNITY, Blender, 2D Design, storytelling in games, and gamer’s psychology. For 2020, we decided to use our experience launching an initiative called “Project 2020”.

“Project 2020” refers to our goal of creating four Hyper-Casual games a month for the end of 2020. To achieve this, we’re supporting ourselves with publishers and our community while we create a methodology that improves with every App we release.

“Scoot Up” is one of the games included in “Project 2020.” We finished this game in 2 weeks, and we’re currently under Marketing Study.

If you are a publisher interested to know more about us, please contact Tony Munoz (Head Of Dev Team) to If you wish to support us with a donation -which we always appreciate-, you have the option of using PayPal.


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