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The Galaxy and the Retro.


The galaxy was never more fun than with this Hyper-Casual game. Using beautiful Pixelart, we created this style universe to catch the look of retro gamers.

In SAVIOUR, you need to move your spaceship through an asteroid field until you can get to your space station. As you progress in the game, the challenges evolve. But do not fear. You will get extra features that will help you accomplish your mission.

SAVIOUR is an addictive Retro Hyper-Casual Arcade App. We created this game in one week, and it’s one of our favorites.

The mechanic of the game is as simple as touching the screen on every side for making the ship to change direction. The rest is your skills and your smile.

You can download SAVIOUR from the App Store now.


Project 2020:


During the last years, we accumulated knowledge about UNITY, Blender, 2D Design, storytelling in games, and gamer’s psychology. For 2020, we decided to use our experience launching an initiative called “Project 2020”.

“Project 2020” refers to our goal of creating four Hyper-Casual games a month for the end of 2020. To achieve this, we’re supporting ourselves with publishers and our community while we create a methodology that improves with every App we release.

“SAVIOUR” is one of the games included in “Project 2020.” We created this game -from its conception until its official release- in five days. This achievement proves to us that we’re able to create great products in a limited timeframe.

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