About Us

Wulum creates Apps and Games from 2D and 3D until Augmented Reality. After several years with our focus on extensive Apps and Games, we decided to start 2020 creating Hyper-Casual Apps.

We want to create simple and cool games not only for gamers but for any person in search of challenges that bring a smile on our day to day activities.

Currently working with creative artists, publishers, and IP organizations, we’re heading to the end of 2020 intending to create four Hyper-Casual Apps a month. This initiative is called “Project 2020“.

We create our own challenges as Indie Entrepreneurs. It’s not an easy task, but with our team and our passion, we are sure of the success of what we’re doing.

Our Team

Meet the minds behind Wulum.


Tony Muñoz

Head of Dev Team - Founder

Tony has more than 20 years of experience in developing solutions for large companies.

With a passion for games and realizing the opportunity open by the mobile and gaming industry, he founded Wulum Ltd. in 2014.

Today his work is focused on design, conceptualization, modeling, and coding of every product of Wulum.


Fernando Melo


Fernando is an experienced AAA video game producer with over 20 years in the games industry who runs his own indie games studio in cooperation with Wulum. His experience as a producer comes from 12 years at Bioware (Dragon Age and Mass Effect) and before that on Europe with Take Two Interactive and helped to start the 2K Games label in Europe, as well as overseeing the external production team there responsible for European lead games and several US lead ones.


Freddy Estape

Music Composer and SFX Designer

Freddy is a versatile academic guitarist with more than 20 years of experience. But, he also has a gamer’s heart. Today he combines his artistic knowledge to create Wulum’s music. Since the year 2017, Freedy has composed all music for every one of our games.


Marcus Oriente

Concept Artist

Marcus Oriente is an illustrator and concept artist but at the end of the day he just a guy who likes to create. He is an avid sketcher and drawing has always been a huge part of his life, even if his parents would rather have not had crayons on the walls.

With his experience, he has built up strong technical skills and a robust work ethic. He passionate about my work and loves to work with passionate people


Michael Ward

2D/3D Artist Designer

Michael started drawing comics in college and became excited about learning digital art. He changed schools and got a diploma from the Vancouver Animation School concept art program and continues to study new techniques every day including illustrations, pixel art, 3D modeling, and more.