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Be part of “Last Soul” development. Try our game and give us your feedback to improve your experience to the best in the genre.

The Greatest DISCORD


We’re creating this game with our heart in the retro style of the classics action-shooter genre that inspired us. At the same time, we’re sharing the development process with our fans. Their ideas, suggestions, feedback, and questions are essential to creating the best gaming experience.



When we released the first vertical slice of “Last Soul” to our social media, the reception was amazing. But we started to explode when the fans checked out the new artistic PixelArt, characters, scenarios, and music.

Our fans are crazy about trying “Last Soul,” and they express it every day on Twitter, Instagram, and our Discord.

We’re receiving more and more FanArt every day and their ideas and suggestions are not stopping. We’re feeling the love for “Last Soul” more every day.

After starting out Discord three weeks ago we already have more than 150 subscribers and we are continuing to grow every day. With almost 11.000 followers on Instagram and almost 6.000 on Twitter, we know that we’re creating the experience they want.

Thank you, guys! You are the best!



To create an awesome experience, we want our fans to try “Last Soul” in the most basic stages so we can get your feedback. Yes, everyone is invited. You only need to join our community or simply contact us at expressing that you want to try our game.

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