Bring your kitty friend into the real world!

Using Augmented Reality, you'll be immersed into a world that combines fantasy and reality as you share marvellous moments with your Kitty Friend!

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Available on iOS first.

More than an App... More than a Game...

Kitty Me is a Pet App Company. The more you share with your Kitty, the more you learn about its needs and about responsibilities within. Don't take it lightly. Your Kitty will need you more than you can imagine.

Wherever... Whenever...

Your Kitty is at the reach of your iPhone. Take a break at work, at home or at the park. Enjoy playful moments at any time.


Learn about the responsibilty of having a Pet. This is not a simple App to forget. Your Pet is Virtual but is alive. They need their owners.

Be Rewarded

The best you treat your Kitty, the biggest the happiness bond. Your participation and sharing could reward you in the real world.

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