First, they came for our GAIUM. Now we’re ready.

Join the Force

Be part of this epic journey. Fight for your family, for humankind, for the earth.



UNION -Unite Nations In One Nation-, a consensus of countries working together, discovered a new element on earth with inconceivable properties. It was called GAIUM. The year was 2050.

Using GAIUM, we opened infinite possibilities for galaxy exploration. Now humankind can travel faster than the speed of light. We learn more than ever in our entire history.

On 2097, the spaceship called “Cosmos” explodes accidentally sending a thunderous blast replicating throughout the universe.

Five years later an extraterrestrial species called Kroh came to earth and tried to get the GAIUM by force. Entire cities were annihilated. We survived, and they retreat… for a while.

The year is 2137 and the Kroh has returned with a more prominent force. This attack could mean the end of humanity. But this time we are prepared.



Take control of GAIA (Galactic Advanced Impact Android) in your mission to save earth from a new Kroh invasion. GALAXIUM takes you across different scenarios and challenges where you must defeat every Kroh that comes in your way. 

GALAXIUM is a small part of an ambitious project we are developing for 2019. It’s our first arcade-style game using 3D rendering for iOS, Android, Steam, and It’s a game for any occasion, and you’ll be amazed for the style and simplicity of the rules.



As fans that we’re of arcade games of Atari, we want to introduce the same concept but with more astounding graphics to the reach of your mobile device. In GALAXIUM, you have a fantastic view of scenarios, including a toggle option to switch between three different camera positions:

  • Immersive Camera: This camera is the default. It follows GAIA -the main character- in a semicircle as it moves between corners. It’s an immersive experience of playing with a 3D character.
  • Frontal Camera: This camera is a straight front view that follows GAIA as it moves left and right.
  • Orthographic Camera: This is a usual view adored by gamers. It’s a diagonal perspective where the camera follows GAIA as it moves. All elements are combined in a stunning fashion.



The game evolves in five stages. Every stage includes ten levels. The first levels present “easy to destroy” waves of Kroh. But as you advance on the game, new Kroh are added which are increasingly difficult to destroy.

When you get to new levels and new stages, several elements, and rules will change:

  • Platforms background and galaxies are different
  • The speed of the Kroh will get faster
  • The Kroh formation will be more numerous
  • The speed of the shoot against GAIA will increase
  • The rate of shoot against GAIA will increase



Of course, as an advanced hero that GAIA is, it counts not only with its shots. GAIA will also have access to:

  • Bomb Cannon: an explosive device that destroys any Kroh included in the explosion radio. This bomb annihilates any Kroh no matter how powerful or resistant it is.
  • Protection Shield: this is a shield that GAIA can carry around, but its duration is limited. You have to be wised about when and how to use it. 

The advanced functionalities of GAIA are not always available. You must collect points to get them, which mean that you have to advance on the game, and be as much precise as possible -missing shots will count against you-. An even though you may have points, once you use them, you will have a to wait until they recharge. As we said, you must be strategic and wise.



GALAXIUM also includes one unique functionality that we call “Easter Egg Feature” (EEG). But you can’t find EEG inside the game’s tutorials. Neither you’ll find a suggestion about their existence in a disable button on the canvas. EEG is a feature that will appear in response to your gamer skills. And when presented, you will have to learn how to use it to reach the end.



Before the release of GALAXIUM, we created an iOS App so you can enjoy our characters in 3D using augmented reality. Download today GALAXIUM AR from the App Store and get ready for the official launch of GALAXIUM.


In a few days, the first Beta version of GALAXIUM will be released.
Register your email on our website to grant you access to it.

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