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In 2014, tired of being a developer for products that people needed -instead of products that people wanted,- wulum started the dream of creating video games.

With a background of more than 30 years of coding -7 dedicated to game development- wulum is part of a billion-dollar community of Concept Artists, 3D Modelling, Developers, and Gamer’s streamers. We’re supported by this information era to share, improve, evolve, and present new products.

We use Twitch as a way to be closer to gamers. We want to listen to their requests, their questions, and their suggestions. But we also use this platform to inspire others to take the chance to become indie game developers and expand their opportunities for their present and future.

Our goal for 2020 is to create four Hyper-Casual games a month. We’re learning fast, creating our development model while in search of Publishers’ support.

Your donation represents the opportunity to continue our research to develop new games while we are sharing this process openly with the world. Our stream includes 2D Concept Art with Photoshop, 3D Modelling on Blender, and Coding on Unity.

We want to express our thanks for your contribution and your consideration to help us continue our creative work while inspiring others. With your support, you’ll enjoy our products, their conception and help many to find their path to becoming creators in the video games industry.

Thank you.

Tony Munoz
Head Dev Team / Wulum Founder

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